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Deciding to Get Invisalign – Amber Aplin’s Patient Journey

Tue, 8th Mar 2022

Our Principal Dentist, Amber Aplin, has decided to share her her patient journey as she starts Invisalign teeth straightening treatment, here at the Gentle Touch. She will cover the whole process from deciding to get Invisalign (today!) to the finished results.

Even dentists, like Amber, can find they have issues with their teeth which they feel need to be addressed. In Amber’s case, she’s always been bothered by the fact that her teeth are not straight, and now that they are also causing her some pain, she is prioritising a treatment she’s wanted to start for years. Amber’s aim with Invisalign is to get a more confident smile as well as more comfortable teeth!

Deciding to Get Invisalign Treatment – More Confident Smile, More Comfortable Teeth

by Amber Aplin, Principal Dentist & Invisalign Patient

I am going to have my teeth straightened using Invisalign. I have never liked my smile, and I have always known I would get my teeth ‘sorted’ one day. However, while I work at the dental practice every day, it seems I haven’t yet found the time to start this treatment. This will also mean that one of Richard or Ciara, our two Invisalign dentists, needs to be available at the same time as me! I’m excited to have made the decision to prioritise Invisalign treatment now.

So, what is it about my smile that I don’t like? (This is the question we would ask anyone in the same boat – deciding to get Invisalign treatment, or not).

  1. I don’t show my back teeth when I smile; the technical term here is ‘wide buccal corridors,’ which means a large dark area is at the side of my teeth. While I will never look like Julia Roberts, her teeth and smile are a perfect example of a broad smile with narrow buccal corridors (and she is blessed with lovely straight teeth). Invisalign can help widen my smile.
  2. My teeth are not straight. My front two teeth cross over slightly and are not very straight. Teeth tend to get more crowded as we get older, which is true of my teeth. Invisalign can help with this.
  3. The reason why I want and need Invisalign now is that I am getting some tooth pain. When I bite together, a lower tooth knocks against my crowded upper front tooth, and this constant irritation makes my top tooth painful. Invisalign can help this by making my teeth straight, so all my teeth bite evenly, and this is why I will make time to start my Invisalign journey ASAP!

Why might Invisalign work for an adult when metal braces didn’t?

One significant benefit of getting my teeth straightened with Invisalign is that I can carry on with my job, and hardly anyone will notice because the aligners are almost invisible! This is in stark contrast to when I wore a metal brace, ‘train tracks’ in my 20s. I only managed to wear the train tracks for a few weeks! The other downside of the metal brace is that it can cause pain in the lips and cheeks, and this was certainly true in my case. For some reason, teenagers manage this type of brace exceptionally well. My daughter has had a fixed metal brace for almost three years. Maybe it’s different when you are a grown-up!

Watch this space!

I have seen so many patients have their teeth straightened with Invisalign at The Gentle Touch. It is heart-warming to see the difference this can make in people’s lives. With Ciara being a skilled and experienced Invisalign provider, and with the support of Jenny (our Invisalign nurse), we look after our patients every step of the way. I know they will look after me in just the same way.

I am going to update you, from time to time, on my Invisalign journey. Watch this space! In the meantime, we are planning an open day on 2nd April 2022 so that anyone looking for solutions to help crowded teeth can investigate.

Here’s to smiling!

Amber Aplin, Principal Dentist, the Gentle Touch

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