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Dental MOT (the ultimate check-up)

Our Dental MOT is a thorough, and gentle, dental assessment to diagnose existing issues, scan for unseen problems and restart your journey to great dental health. The Dental MOT goes well beyond a standard check-up. This 30-45 minute appointment will usually include a 3D scan of your mouth, x-rays, oral cancer screening, private assessment of your teeth, gum health review and an oral health report.

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You can book your Dental MOT online, send a message or give us a call. If you’d like to discuss the Dental MOT before booking, we’re very happy to offer a free consultation with one of our Smile Advisors.

About our Dental MOT

Our thorough, innovative, and gentle dental assessment will diagnose existing issues, scan for unseen problems, and lead you to excellent dental health. It’s the ultimate dental check-up. Our Dental MOT is ideal if you have particular concerns about your teeth and mouth or haven’t been able to visit a dentist recently.

The 30–45 minute Dental MOT appointment includes:

  • Oral cancer screening: Our dentists and dental therapists always complete an oral cancer screening when patients attend appointments. 
  • Full 3D scan of your teeth (if clinically necessary): our state-of-the-art technology creates a 3D image of your mouth. It helps our dentists to identify current, though perhaps unseen, issues and predict future problems. 
  • X-rays: these allow us to see between and inside your teeth. X-rays (also known as radiographs) enable our dentists to see the condition of your teeth, the roots, and the health of your jawbone.
  • A private assessment of your teeth: our highly trained clinicians will diagnose any high-risk issues and confirm how stable and healthy your mouth is.
  • A review of your gum health: we’ll screen the gums around each tooth for signs of disease. If necessary (and available), we can refer you for a private hygienist appointment to get your gum health back on track.
  • An Oral Health report: This details the current health of your mouth, teeth and gums and any recommended home care.
  • Treatment options: for those with issues such as disease, decay, and infection, our dentists will suggest treatment options to restore your dental health. A treatment plan will then be produced to eliminate any disease, decay, or infection and any urgent treatment needs (if agreeable).

At the Gentle Touch practice, we believe in prevention so that we may help to avoid the need for any future treatment.  If, however, treatment is recommended to restore decayed or broken-down teeth, we practice minimally invasive dentistry. For example, composite resin (white fillings) and onlay restorations. The more of the natural tooth we can preserve, the better the prognosis your teeth will have.

Please refer to our fees for details of pricing.

Dental MOT is the ultimate check-up

Anyone with concerns about their teeth or mouth or who hasn’t been to see a dentist recently would benefit from this appointment. Whether you a specific worry about your teeth or simply want a thorough check-up, the Dental MOT is the ideal first step to a future of excellent oral health.

No. We have designed this service, especially for those who are not currently Gentle Touch dental practice patients. There is no expectation or obligation that those booking for the Dental MOT Plus will join the practice (though this may be an option for you in the future). This is a one-off appointment, with options for treatment if required.

Yes, coming for a Dental MOT at the Gentle Touch is a great way to rebuild your confidence in visiting the dentist. It’s the perfect first step. We won’t start any treatment within the appointment as the sole focus is to gently and thoroughly check over your mouth and teeth. The assessment results may allay your fears about your teeth and mouth and provide careful, sensitive guidance for restoring your mouth to optimal oral health.

Our team is renowned for being extremely caring and gentle with our most nervous patients. Every week, we see patients who have put off coming to the dentist for a long time, and we will take excellent care of you, too. If you would like to discuss the Dental MOT in more detail so you know exactly what to expect, we are delighted to have a chat.

For some patients, the Dental MOT will confirm that the teeth and mouth are healthy, and we will advise on the steps you can take to keep things that way in future years. For others, during the Dental MOT, our dentists may identify issues that require treatment to restore stability and health in your mouth. The dentist will suggest gentle, best-practice treatment options to resolve decay, infection, or other urgent dental needs. There is no obligation, however, to proceed with private treatment at The Gentle Touch. 

Please refer to our fees for details. You can also check pricing and book online here.

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